“Meltdown” Ice cream (Cake!!!) 🎂

Keeping to the lockdown theme .. I made a “meltdown” 🤨 cake for my little tornado who turned 9. She sets her expectation of me very high and then announces to all and sundry in present tense.. “my mother is making me an icecream cake for my birthday” 🙄. Her announcements usually leave me gasping for air and in these COVID times you can’t even do that in the fear of being quarantined in the quarantine 🤷🏽‍♀️… so here’s me the mother trying to make a humble attempt at an icecream cake (which is now renamed “meltdown” cake) on an extremely humid day ♥️!!!

Vanilla Ice cream


Sweetened condensed milk – 1 tin (400g)

Heavy whipping cream (30% fat at least ) – 2 cups

Pure vanilla extract – 1 tbsp

Method :

In a bowl, combine sweetened condensed milk and vanilla, mix well. Keep aside.

Using a balloon whisk of your stand mixer/ hand mixer, beat the whipping cream on medium for 3 mins until soft peaks form.

Add some whipped cream into the condensed milk and fold in. Once it’s combined, pour the condensed milk mixture into the remaining whipped cream mixture. Fold in. Transfer to freezer boxes and freeze for 6 hours or until firm.

Add a pinch of ♥️:

This cannot get any simpler 😀… it is divine ! I love the creamy texture and it’s the perfect base to get creative. Try a variant with a liqueur or add 1/4 cup of a fruit purée and marble it. Add chocolate sauce, add crushed cookies, chocolate chips, peanut brittle .. I could go on 😀. Get creative or get predictable .. don’t forget to tag me @sakethebake on instagram or on Facebook with your indulgent posts !

Assembling The Meltdown Cake :

I made a 10 inch vanilla funfetti (oil)cake and I made the Ice cream.

I first lined the loose bottomed 10 inch cake pan with cling wrap with plenty of overhang.

I put sprinkles and chocolate chips. I softened the ice cream and packed it into this sprinkles strewn cake mould. I left it to freeze overnight.

I de-moulded it the next day easily by pulling the cling wrap overhang. (The loose pan base was not getting dislodged even for the cake and posed a problem. As I am not in my usual work station during lockdown and it was a borrowed pan, I had no choice but to make do with it.) The plan was to make the cake as the base in the pan and top it with the de moulded ice cream.. freeze it again to meld.Finally loosen the ring of the cake pan before serving, cover it with whipped cream and top it with sprinkles and chocolate shavings and serve. Hahaha .. like I said “that was the plan”. Well …..let’s just stick to that method .. not the one I eventually had to adopt.

You cannot go wrong possibly with cake and ice cream .. can you ?! So my little tornado was as pleased as punch and we all lived happily ever after (or until the cake lasted ..)

The end !

Enjoy cooking ♥️