The Sunset Piñata cake ☀️

“The Setting Sun”... When the brain”child” (literally in this case🤗) behind my blog wants her 14th birthday cake to be embellished by the hues of the sun, I have no choice but oblige.

Is there anything more beautiful than the time before sunset when the sky erupts into a melange of golden hues ?Hmmm…maybe a daughters’ unconditional love for her mother?

When you feel you could have done so much more but she makes you feel you did everything right!!! It saddens my heart but lifts my soul and then I feel I did something right after all!!!

Happy birthday to my Princess, my wind beneath my wings♥️.


Sareeka ♥️

Cake Methodology :

I used the Easy Vanilla Cake recipe from my blog. (The video is also online:

I doubled the recipe and baked in two 9inch cake pans. I used lemon rind instead of orange rind in this cake and for the frosting I used a buttercream frosting to pipe out the cake. (Icing Sugar to Butter in the 2:1 ratio)

Wondering what’s a piñata cake?

Cut into a normal looking cake to reveal a sweet surprise – it’s packed full of sweets! The M&Ms (in this case) spill out while cutting it ! It’s a great surprise element to add to a simple cake.

I will be cutting the cake in a few hours time, if the technique is flawless I will post the step by step pictures to this sweet surprise!!! Until then … 🤞 (fingers crossed 😀)